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BIST Philosophy

We know educators and parents face challenges reaching students who are struggling with behavioral issues at school and/or at home. That's why, as educators, we believe schools need to have the right intervention strategies in place to help these students succeed. Our model allows caring adults to partner with students who are struggling, help them be accountable for their actions and give them the tools and behavioral life skills they need to make positive changes in their lives. Designed to teach and protect students via grace and accountability, students can make good choices and have the promising lives they want and deserve.

          Responsibility and  
          Accountability to  
          Children in 

As part of giving GRACE, we accept:
          •  You
          •  Your problems 
          •  Your pain
          •  Your needs 

ACCOUNTABILITY means guiding each student to look at what challenges their behaviors can create in his or her life. There are five levels of accountability:
          1.  I did it.
          2.  I’m sorry.
          3.  It is part of a problem in my life.
          4.  I accept the consequences.
          5.  I accept and need help.

BIST empowers schools to change students’ lives and behavioral skills by incorporating:
          •  A balance of grace and accountability. 
          •  Powerful language to problem-solve.
          •  Consistency in expectations.

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Learn more about the BIST model and concepts.

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