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Evidence-Based Outcomes

Our training and overall model are highly effective. Recent data shows that 90% of participants who complete Basic BIST training receive a 95% or higher score on the comprehensive Basic BIST exam. As educators incorporate the BIST model into their learning environments, these positive changes impact their students as our dedicated consultants help you:

  • Increase teaching time.
  • Facilitate lifelong changes for challenging students.
  • Decrease disruptive behavior.
  • Provide relief for adults.

Schools utilizing our consultation services often see a 20% decrease in office referrals after incorporating BIST into their buildings.

Resource Development Institute's Evaluation of BIST

The Resource Development Institute evaluated schools that have implemented BIST on a school-wide basis in four states to assess, in statistical terms, how much BIST changed the office disciplinary referrals (ODRs) 6-BIST-2012-Evaluation-Report.pdf . The evaluations consistently revealed significant reductions in the number of ODRs. They also noted that while academic performance is dependent on a multitude of factors and was not the focus of these evaluations, it was worth noting the consistent trends in improved academic performance indicators in settings where BIST was implemented.



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