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Trauma-Informed Care

We are committed to understanding, recognizing and responding to the effects of trauma. This philosophy is known as trauma-informed care. 

The BIST model recognizes that problematic behaviors are most often rooted in traumatic experiences. Until students feel that they are safe and able to work toward healing from the trauma they have experienced, it is difficult for them to be academically successful. Certified in the Sanctuary Model® of trauma-informed care, we identify four components of safety that are essential to providing a safe learning and working environment for children and staff:

•    Physical Safety: Are you free from violence and physical abuse?

•    Psychological Safety: Are you free from emotional abuse and safe within yourself?

•    Social Safety: Are you safe to be yourself regardless of the environment you are in?

•    Moral Safety: Do you practice healthy values?

If these aren’t in place, it’s impossible to expect youth who have experienced trauma to learn effectively. We focus not only on the trauma the child has faced, but also the child's capacity to create positive change for themselves. As we work with children to develop coping skills and emotional awareness, we empower them to live safe, productive and nonviolent lives inside and outside of the classroom. 

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