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Our BIST administrative office is now located on the Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus in south Kansas City (Waldo Area). The majority of our BIST consultants spend their time working in the field with specific schools but usually at least one BIST staff member is available to answer questions at this location during regular business hours. If you would like to stop by, please contact us in advance to schedule your visit.


Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus
8150 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64114
   Phone: 816.508.3652 or 816.601.4513


   Cornerstones of Care Website:


The BIST office is located in the East Building. Trainings will be located in either the West Building or School Gym (west side of the school). 


Please note: You may come into contact with Cornerstones of Care clients while visiting our Gillis Campus. Pursuant to HIPAA medical privacy regulations, no one is permitted to take photos of clients or share any identifying information related to clients or their services. The safety and success of the children at all our campuses is our priority. Thanks for your cooperation!
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