Cultivating Behavioral Change in K–12 Students

Cultivating Behavioral Change in K–12 Students

“The BIST philosophy has greatly impacted how our school, as a whole, operates on a daily basis. Staff are confident in viewing behavior as a missing skill, and our students benefit most of all as they are being approached with grace and accountability. Students are provided with tools to best help them learn and cope with their emotions and behaviors, while at the same time, the learning environment is protected. The BIST philosophy improves staff collaboration and cohesiveness as everyone has a role and responsibility for ensuring a positive and safe learning environment for all.” —Greg Fairchild, Principal of Banner Elementary School, IL

Cultivating Behavioral Change in K-12

Students provides in-service educators with a long-term, teambased approach to enhancing their interventions and supports for struggling students. Comprehensive and compassionate, these evidence-based practices target the sustainable transformation of young learners’ behavior and help to shift the mindsets of the adults working with them. Principals, administrators, mental health practitioners, and teacher-leaders will be better prepared and motivated to collaborate toward student behavioral change, foster productive relationships with children and families, encourage learners to hone skills specific to behavior management, and more.

Director of BIST

Marty Huitt is Director of the Behavior Intervention
Support Team (BIST) at Cornerstones of Care, a traumainformed behavioral healthcare nonprofit that partners
with communities to improve the safety and health of
children and families in Kansas, Missouri, and beyond.

Former Principal

Gail Tolbert, a former principal and teacher, is an educational consultant who specializes in school Improvement.

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