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Foster/Adoptive Parent Support


All the foster/adoptive/kinship providers are welcome to attend BIST classes at any time.  While we provide training opportunities for both Level A (behavioral) and Level B (career) certification, if you are not taking a training Level A/B certification, you may still receive credit as in-service hours for licensure.


When your licensing worker says you are ready for the training required to care for children with elevated needs, you can register for both Level A/B classes at  Level A includes 18 class hours, and Level B includes 9 class hours.  All classes are virtual.



We have contracted with BIST to provide in-home consultation and support services to foster parents whose children are struggling with disruptive behaviors.  If you are exasperated and feel like giving up, please call your family worker or the child’s case manager and ask to be referred for an In-Home BIST consult. Your information will be passed along to us and a member of the BIST team will contact you to set an appointment.



Foster Care and Kinship Support: We provide services for foster parents and Kinship caregivers who are interested in learning new techniques to help them be more prepared and successful when working with youth in their homes. The BIST Consultant works with the caregivers to help provide structure in the family routine and develop strategies to help children learn healthy behaviors.


BIST In Home Services

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