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School Consultation

We provide consultation services to hundreds of schools throughout the Midwest. With our consultants assigned to specific schools, they are able to spend time in the buildings and develop relationships with staff so that the BIST model can be embedded and customized to meet your needs. The consultation process begins with the following steps:

  • Assessment meeting with key people provides an in-depth understanding of your situation.
  • Initial in-service training gives your group/staff an understanding of the BIST philosophy and an introduction to our services.
  • Plan-of-action report with our recommendations starts moving you through any challenges in order to meet your goals.

Our plans of action follow the least restrictive path to achieve the desired results. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Support for teachers with ongoing training and individual consultations, collaborative problem-solving, processing with students, conducting class meetings, observing students and providing timely feedback.
  • Open communication with regular meetings, checklists for student/administrator referrals, informal feedback and check-ups.
  • A Crisis-intervention plan to create predictability in times of crisis and everyone can respond in a calm and consistent manner.

What Does BIST Implementation Look Like?

A typical first year of BIST implementation includes:
     •  Initial in-service training on the BIST philosophy and logistics (3-6 hours) 
     •  Professional development (9 hours)
     •  In-person consultations (35-50 hours, varying by building)
     •  Phone and/or email consultations as needed

A typical yearly BIST schedule beyond the first-year implementation includes:
     •  Professional development tailored to your needs, including a review of:
             ∘  BIST philosophy
             ∘  BIST concepts
     •  Monthly consultations
     •  Faculty meetings
     •  Vision Team meetings

Our ongoing consulting services consist of:

  • Professional Development — district, building, faculty and administrator trainings with individualized topics to meet specific needs.
  • Administrative Support, Collaboration & Problem-Solving — strengths/weaknesses assessments to identify obstacles to success and provide tools to communicate more effectively.
  • Staff Support & Problem-Solving — staff meetings to collaborate on effective problem-solving, modeling and student success planning.
  • Counselor & Social Worker Support — Focus group, group meeting and conflict management support as well as training on student success plans, skill-based triage and community building.
  • Collaboration with Individual Teachers  support in establishing expectations, routines, intervention procedures, student success plans, communication with parents, problem-solving and community building in the classroom.
  • Vision Teams creating and maintaining energy regarding BIST, implementation and establishing goals to meet ongoing training needs.
  • Before & After School Child Care Programs  establishing consistent techniques, procedures and interventions to create a comprehensive educational community in these programs.
  • Class Meetings  creating strategies to teach/model effective problem-solving in the classroom in which topics are individualized to meet specific needs.
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