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Implementation Tips

We have developed a list of best practices that will help you get the most from your BIST services:

  • With your BIST consultant, be sure to assess your school’s needs to develop a plan along with goals for implementation. Address areas such as triage, individual plans and expectations for use of the BIST Model.
  • Administrators should attend BIST classes and consultation meetings.
  • Develop a BIST Leadership/Vision Team.
  • Maintain integrity by sending school personnel to Basic BIST Training.
  • Ideally, a BIST consultant will be in your building on a monthly basis.
  • Consultants, along with an administrator, should meet with grade levels/teams on a monthly basis.
  • Implementation of a recovery room ONLY after the entire staff is proficient in the BIST model.
  • Train staff in a large or small group setting on a regular basis (monthly).
  • BIST Building Leadership Team should attend Building BIST to assess building strengths and areas of focus.
  • BIST Vision Team, including administration, should attend the BIST Vision Team Conference annually.

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