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BIST Year in Review

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Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. --Earl Nightingale

Ahh, time. These days, we certainly don t feel like there is enough of it or that time is an ally. However, we know logically that when we give adults and students time there is a positive outcome. As a BIST Vision Team or Leadership Team, evaluate your building by answering YES or NO on the following to plan for August:

  • We intentionally created, implemented, posted and reviewed our common area structures throughout the year.
  • We took the time as a staff to discuss how BIST supports management, rather than replacing optimal classroom management, procedures and structure.
  • We took the time to review the BIST Philosophy of teaching and protecting throughout this year.
  • We made the time to teach students the Goals for Life, the BIST Philosophy and continuum of change so students would understand our purpose and partner at a higher level.
  • We spent the time teaching parents about the Goals for Life, the BIST Philosophy and continuum of change so parents would understand our purpose and partner with the building.
  • We valued the goal of helping students be independent with coping skills over moving students to safe seats, buddy rooms or recovery rooms.
  • We committed to EARLY INTERVENTION by partnering with students the first moment they showed that they were struggling.
  • We demonstrated language of partnership when students were struggling by utilizing CARING CONFRONTATION language.
  • We gave students time to develop their skills by continuing their PLAN FOR SUCCESS the first day they walked into school. 
  • We took the time to partner with parents by having the current teacher call and talk to the parent about the continuation of the plan so the student could maintain skills, continue to work towards independence and be successful.
  • We were able to discuss OUTLASTING as a building throughout the year.

-Our Leadership has a vision of OUTLASTING and makes this known to all staff -The Continuum of Change (Noncompliant/Complaint/Partnership/Independence) is taught to all students -Students on plans identify where they are on the Continuum of Change on a regular basis -Students work back through the continuum and talk with the adult where the problem occurred

-We give students time when they are too emotional to talk or aren t able to answer our questions to PROCESS, repair the relationship with the adult and talk through their part of the problem.

  • We intentionally identified areas for professional development and provided on-going PD through the BIST Consultant s visits. (Staff Meetings, Grade Level Meetings, In-service)
  • We understand that all of these strategies help students have the opportunity to live their best life.

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