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The Five W’s of Guiding Students to Life Change

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What:  Teaching replacement skills with students based on the Goal for Life he/she is struggling to manage.

Goals for Life

  • I can be angry or upset and make good choices
  • I can be okay even when others are not okay
  • I can be productive and follow directions even if I don’t want to (or it’s difficult)

Replacement Skills

  • What will you say when . . .
  • . . . you are mad?
  • . . . when someone says or does something that you don’t like?
  • . . . you don’t want to do what adults ask?
  • Where will you go . . .
  • . . . so you can calm down?
  • . . . so you don’t have to struggle?
  • . . . so you don’t have to make it worse?
  • What will . . .
  • . . . your voice sound like?
  • . . . your body look like?
  • . . . you do if you need help?

When:  Predictable times of the day and/or prior to times of struggle identified by the student and the adults working with him/her

Where:  Build into the natural transitions of the school day by setting up triage for the student with the adult before a transition or on the way to the next class. 
Example:  Elementary:  Student meets adult for triage before entering specials, recess etc.
Example:  Secondary:  Student meets adult for triage each hour before entering the classroom

Who:  Any adult working with the student in order to transfer the new skill to each adult.  This practice increases the possibility of moving from compliance to partnership.

Why:  To decrease adult emotion by focusing on the skill/goal; helping the student make a life-long change by gaining replacement skills, increasing partnership with parents and instilling hope for the student, parent and adults working with him/her.

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