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Free Downloads

Please enjoy the following free downloads! Simply click the desired link to open or save each handout in a PDF format. We hope you find these tools helpful in your implementation of the BIST model.

- BIST Elementary Plan for Success

- BIST Secondary Plan for Success
The purpose of a plan is to protect a student from what they can’t manage while teaching them replacement skills. It allows the adults to be proactive with a student instead of reactive. The plan form enables all adults working with that student to provide consistent support while teaching replacement skills.

- Target Behavior Sheet with Skills
A Target Behavior Sheet is a tool for collecting a student’s behavioral data. The data allows the student to identify patterns and problem solve successes as well as challenges. 

- BIST Parent Brochure
This pamphlet provides an overview of the BIST Philosophy as well as explanations of most frequently used BIST terms.

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