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Class Descriptions

 Basic BIST

  • This course is designed to provide elementary/secondary school personnel with a comprehensive organizational, behavioral and curricular approach to support students who exhibit challenging behaviors. Participants will develop an understanding of the psycho-educational philosophy of the BIST model, learn the skills and language to problem solve with difficult students, and develop effective communication skills with parents and other staff members. Through role playing, participants will have the opportunity to observe the new concepts being taught by the Behavior Intervention Support Team.

Administrators’ Workshop

  • This course will help identify specific strategies to support teachers within the BIST model and increase their ability to problem solve. Discussion and role-play of effective conflict management and responses to anger, denial and demands will require vulnerability on the part of participants.

Building BIST: The Framework of Success

  • This collaborate training is designed for teams to analyze and evaluate their building strengths and obstacles. Teams will create detailed plans to continue their building growth. Focus areas include BIST concepts as well as students not working, classroom management, adult community, and class meetings.

Effective Classroom Management

  • This course is designed to assist teachers with devising strategies that enhance the efficiency of instructional time. Throughout the workshop, teachers will explore the importance of organization, planning, clear expectations, procedures/routines, and consistency in order to become a more effective teacher and maximize student learning.

Leadership Conference

  • A new training opportunity created to address the specific challenges faced by building and/district leaders. This conference will include presenters from numerous districts throughout the Midwest. These knowledgeable leaders possess experience in a variety of schools from urban to suburban, elementary and secondary settings.

Making Recovery Work in Your Building

  • This course is designed to provide instruction in the Recovery Process. Topics include: How to set up a Recovery Room, Prevention versus Reaction, Data Collection, Team Focus, Outlasting the Acting Out, Processing with Students and the appropriate utilization of the BIST Continuum.

New Teacher Workshop

  • This course begins with an overview of classroom management and provides a brief overview of BIST philosophy, language to reduce resistance, processing with students.

Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues

  • This course is designed to provide school personnel with comprehensive knowledge in dealing with children who have been diagnosed or exhibit symptoms associated with a psychiatric disorder. We will examine specific childhood mental health issues as well as effective school based intervention strategies to help the student experience school success. The BIST model will provide the foundation for many of the intervention strategies discussed.

Teaching and Protecting: The Heart of BIST

  • This course is designed as a philosophical review for staff who have previously attended Basic BIST. It is a great way to renew individual or building energy around BIST philosophy.

Vision Team Conference

  • This course is for building Vision Teams to network with other Vision Teams, analyze data, enhance building philosophical foundation as well as build capacity around and problem solving and meeting the needs of our most challenging students.

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