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  • “I am very excited about putting BIST into practice! It is clear, concise and relationship-based. It is all about teaching the skills to be successful, which seems so basic, but in reality, is something we often don’t do for our students. I had several ah-ha moments this week. BIST makes so much sense — I think schools would experience a revolutionary change in student behavior if BIST was utilized. This type of change in schools would lead to a positive change in society.”
  • “This training has truly been phenomenal! I’ve taught for 25 years and truly believe that this has been one of the most valuable (if not the most) training sessions I’ve ever attended. This should be required and taught at all colleges and universities. It would eliminate so many new teachers having to discover what works best for kids all by themselves and also make that first year less stressful and frustrating.”
  • “This has been a personal help for my life. I feel much more able to support students than I did before.”
  • “I felt I learned more in this program than in all my years of teaching and learning. It was great. You know how to hold kids accountable but be heartwarming too.”
  • “This will be our school’s first year with BIST; I think that if every teacher and staff member gets on board, it will be one of the most effective behavior models I have ever seen.”
  • “This seminar has opened my eyes to behavior management and has given me great strategies for the classroom. I really enjoyed the “real-life” humor and variety of activities.”
  • “I spent over 25 years being a special education teacher. BIST training should be a part of teacher preparation.”
  • “I have been using BIST for years. This class did a great job of helping me see the whole picture again and really helped me see the areas on which I need to work.”
  • “This was an awesome training — loved the role play and processing of information. Thanks for modeling the BIST model throughout the presentation.”
  • “Great Job!!! Loved the boys who came and gave personal stories.”
  • “Taking 5 days out of my summer could not have been a better 5 days; I became closer to my co-workers.”
  • “Great job moving people to look at the difference between teach and protect versus punishment. It is such a philosophical switch and so hard to do without this intense course.”
  • “I learned so much! I am ready to go back and make it easier for me and the students.”
  • “I learned BIST form Nancy Osterhaus in the mid 90s as an administrator. All of you who are carrying on her work are amazing. I hope I am able to take your wisdom with me and apply it to my students! Thank you!!”
  • “The philosophy of BIST is wonderful!! I am so excited to start my year using BIST alongside my current classroom management. I am committed to protecting rather than punishing. THANK YOU!”
  • “Interesting! Materials came from presenters who have actually been in the classroom.”
  • “Presentation was great — entertaining as well as informative.”
  • “This class is well put together and the material covered will be very helpful to me in the classroom. I appreciate having the red binder as a resource.”
  • “This class has opened my eyes to a way to understand kids more and how to partner with them to work on goals for their life.”
  • “This is my 4th time attending BIST. Every time I come, I learn something new! (I’m not just a slow learner — there is so much to learn!!)”
  • “I learned so much from this class. My goal was to learn the language of BIST. Now I want to integrate this into my work. Each of you did a tremendous job presenting the BIST philosophy, each component and pulling it all together. Thank you!!”
  • “This was one of the best behavior classes I’ve ever taken. You were all great.”
  • “One thing I love about the week is you allowed for lots of conversation during the presentations. I applaud you for this because the conversation allowed the training to become personal and relevant.”
  • “This workshop was fantastic. I leave here with many tools that will impact the lives of all students that walk into my classroom.”
  • “This training was awesome! It was fast-paced and information-filled (my brain hurts). Thank you for your dedication to teachers and kids!”
  • “After 36 years of teaching and after being exposed to BIST, it has truly empowered me to continue this amazing profession and continue to provide opportunities for children to grow and thrive.”



  • “This training has empowered me; given me hope. I am excited about trying the token system. I have 2 children I have tried everything with and have a renewed hope.  I am ready for the challenge.”
  • “This training has shown me how to help the child take responsibility for their actions by letting them do a part in their plan; writing it down with them so it will be something they can refer to.”
  • “It has helped me notice how to respond to my children. I have realized that if I try to work on the relationship and stay calmer in the way I relate to them, they calm down faster.”
  • “This training how shown me how to handle issues without becoming confrontational.”
  • “This training helped me learn how to step back and put the responsibility back on the child.”
  • “It has helped me think through issues I might encounter and ways to address them.”
  • “It has taught me other ways to deal with behaviors that my children have.”
  • “I feel like we have been through almost 12 years of therapy, but the training gave us the tools to effectively put knowledge into place — translates knowledge to skills.”
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