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BIST is an outreach program from Cornerstones of Care that provides training and support to teachers, parents, and administrators in hundreds of schools throughout the Midwest. BIST helps decrease disruptive behavior, increase teaching time, provide relief for parents, and facilitate positive changes for youth. Children who exhibit disruptive behaviors often come from environments in which physical or emotional abuse, homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, or lack of supervision is common. Our goal is to create productive learning environments that encourage students to make long-term transformations in their lives.

BIST services and training opportunities can be applied to individuals, teams, or an entire faculty. The approach is tailored specifically for each situation or school. The process begins with an initial meeting between BIST consultants and key people from the organization for an in-depth analysis. This is followed by an in-service training to give the entire staff a feel for the BIST philosophy and services. Then consultants will provide a recommended plan of action to meet desired goals. Read our consultant bios and check out some of our helpful resources.

Our mission is to help teachers, administrators, parents and students learn techniques to effect positive change and create a healthy learning environment for all. This is accomplished through G.R.A.C.E. - Giving Responsibility and Accountability to Children in Education. Read more about our model and concepts, our commitment to parents, and our success stories.

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BIST is an outreach program of Cornerstones of Care. We partner for safe and healthy communities. Learn more at
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