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Commitment to Parents

We know that students need relationships, predictability and consistency in order to be successful. An essential component to student success is communication, feedback and support with parents. The Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) encourages this communication within the framework of the BIST Model.

For example, at some point in your child’s academic career while attending a school that utilizes BIST, your child might receive a piece of paper called a Think Sheet. This is a tool that a student completes to help him/her take ownership of a specific challenge, partner with adults, and create a plan to be successful. If your child receives a Think Sheet, here are some tips:

Things you can do

Things you don’t have to do

  • Talk with your child about what happened
  • Talk about their plan to keep from having this problem again
  • Review the goal and/or replacement behavior your child is working on
  • Practice what it will look like to be successful
  • Call the teacher to discuss the plan to help your child
  • Be angry with your child
  • Punish him/her
  • Take away items
  • Feel guilty


You are an important part of your child’s life. We are committed to partnering with you and your child’s school to ensure that everyone has the proper tools and support to make positive changes. We encourage you to read more about our model and concepts. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at any time.

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