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Evidence-Based Outcomes

BIST consultants are dedicated to helping you reach the following goals:

  • Increase teaching time
  • Facilitate lifelong changes for challenging students
  • Decrease disruptive behavior
  • Provide relief for adults

Our training and overall model is highly effective. Recent data shows us that 90% of the participants who complete Basic BIST training will receive a 95% or higher score on the comprehension Basic BIST exam. As educators incorporate the BIST model into their learning environments, these positive changes impact their students. Schools that submit behavioral data while utilizing our consultation services often see a 20% decrease in office referrals after incorporating BIST into their buildings.

An evaluation schools in four states that implemented BIST on a school-wide basis have been evaluated by the Resource Development Institute ( A segmented regression analysis of interrupted time series (ITS) was conducted on the ODR data, allowing evaluators to assess, in statistical terms, how much BIST changed the office disciplinary referrals, immediately and over time. The evaluations consistently revealed statistically significant reductions in the number of office discipline referrals (ODR’s). While academic performance is dependent on a multitude of factors and was not the focus of these evaluations, it worth noting the consistent trends in improved academic performance indicators in settings where BIST was implemented.

The Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) Program: Underlying Theories
By Walter T. Boulden
Reclaiming Children and Youth, v19 n1 p17-21 2010

The Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST) is a proactive school-wide behavior management plan for all students, emphasizing schools partnering with students and parents through caring relationships and high expectations. The BIST program is well-grounded in behavioral theory and combines strength-based and resiliency principles within the context of the ecological, person-in-environment model. This strong theoretical basis with evaluations that have demonstrated success in reducing disruptive behaviors in the classroom (Boulden, 2009; Osterhaus & Lowe, 1997) positions BIST as a promising, evidence-based, proactive classroom management and school-wide discipline plan. It is recommended that additional evaluations of the BIST program be conducted across multiple sites to facilitate comparative analyses and further explore the impact of BIST's emphasis on ongoing technical assistance as part of teacher professional development.

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