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Success Stories

Change. Growth. Hope. These are words frequently used to describe what happens every day in classrooms and environments where our BIST model is utilized. The following success stories are great examples of the positive transformations that can take place. There are hundreds of others just like these, and thousands more still being written.

Teen gazingFrom Defiant to Most Improved

Teachers at Turner Middle School use the BIST model to help students overcome emotional and behavioral difficulties through grace, responsibility and accountability. Here's one of their experiences.

Boy student looking at cameraMason's Story

Anne Braun, a teacher at Woodland Elementary Schools, shares how our BIST program has helped her connect with students to help them reach their potential.

preteen boys at school minThe Power of Contribution

Guest Bloggers Kim Bishop & Tammy Zumalt at Santa Fe Elementary in Waverly, Mo., share a success story of our BIST program.

Mrs Ernst copy2Mrs. Ernst's Story

Mrs. Ernst practices the BIST model of education with her kindergarten class. Through the model, Mrs. Ernst helps her young students lay the foundation for building emotional intelligence and becoming independent thinkers.

ReginaCroppedMrs. Kahl's & Regina's Story

Utilizing BIST, Mrs. Kahl knows how to ask questions that help her students make the right decisions. No one knew Regina's history, but because of Mrs. Kahl, she opened up about her traumatic past and was able to get the therapeutic help she needed to heal.

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